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Greater Rural Opportunities for Women – Market Actor Case Study – February 2017

Tagged in Monitoring and Impact Measurement

Greater Rural Opportunities for Women – Market Actor Case Study – February 2017

“There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women.”
- Kofi Annan

These words spoken by former Secretary General Kofi Annan, in his opening remarks at the UN commission on the Status of Women, are among the main goals envisioned in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals endorsed by heads of state and government, and high representatives at the United Nations. This goal is shared by many NGOs in the developing world, including MEDA, whose mission is to create business solutions to poverty.

Business opportunities for women require collaboration with various market and value chain actors. In the GROW context, this looks like moving products from input suppliers to farmers, who then produce with access to extension, technology, information, transport and other support services offered by the private sector. From there, the end product is delivered to the end customer. Therefore, the relationship between and among market players, especially between farmers, agribusinesses, and buyers are crucially important in facilitating a productive market system.

The implementation of the GROW project started in 2013 with a goal of reaching 20,000 women farmers using a value chain approach. Through a mixed methods approach including interviews and surveys, this case study examines the role of these market actors and their productivity as they have engaged with the GROW project and female farmers. The results will help MEDA to learn about the impact it is making in this market system, and will be shared with partners.