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Afghan Secure Futures (ASF) - Leveraging Apprenticeships

Afghan Secure Futures (ASF) - Leveraging Apprenticeships

Series: STRIVE for Learning Series

Organization(s): MEDA, FHI 360

Institution(s): USAID Displaced Children & Orphans Fund

Date Published: December, 2013

This report draws from the experience of the Afghan Secure Futures (ASF) project to highlight several important technical considerations when leveraging apprenticeships to reach vulnerable youth. Its intended audiences are implementers and donors who are developing programming for vulnerable children and youth considering entry points for interventions or pathways for economic inclusion. It summarizes findings from using an apprenticeship model to improve economic opportunities for vulnerable youth in Afghanistan.

ASF was one of five country programs implemented under the STRIVE program, funded by the USAID Displaced Children and Orphans Fund, in close collaboration with the USAID Microenterprise Development office cooperative agreement. STRIVE is an Associate Award under the FIELD-Support LWA.