Meet our Pitch Competition 2021 Winner

We are very excited to announce that the winner of MEDA’S Pitch Competition 2021 is: EarthPup, represented by their CEO, Lucy Cullen! As a reward for first place, they’ve won the $10,000 grand prize. 

Cullen was first inspired by this business idea after working in the restaurant industry 12 years, shocked by how much food was thrown out at the end of the day. Based in Toronto, EarthPup addresses the food waste problem in Canada by turning nutrient-dense food waste from food and beverage production into high quality pet food products. They are proud to be Canada’s first certified Plastic Negative pet brand, offsetting 200% of the plastic used throughout their supply chain. 

They will continue to be focused on being the foremost sustainable pet food brand in North America addressing food waste, plastic waste, climate change and a portion of all proceeds go towards rescue dog organizations. 

To stay in the know about EarthPup, visit their website at or contact them at

Our runner up for this year is SkyAcres Agrotechnologies, represented by founder, Ishaan Kohli. On top of their second place win, they earned the title of Fan Favourite, scoring the highest number of audience votes across all finalists! 

SkyAcres Agrotechnologies brings an ultra-low-cost, vertical farming system that grows certain produce 2.8 times faster than traditional land and greenhouse farming techniques – all while using 94% less water. This stackable, modular system delivers a nutrient-rich mist of water directly to the roots of the plans to maximize yields, in combination with light, temperature and carbon dioxide controls. Through this, they are able to grow produce year-round without the use of any pesticides, even during harsh, northern Canadian winters. 

To stay in the know about SkyAcres AgrotechnoTo stay in the know about SkyAcres Agrotechnologies, visit their website or contact them at

To access the video recording of Pitch Competition, head here.

Want to see how Pitch Competition will turn out next year? Mark your calendars for November 3-6, 2022 as we meet in-person, in Lancaster, PA. To get MEDA news directly, sign up for MEDAzine, our monthly newsletter or the Marketplace magazine.   

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