MEDA showcases Jordan Valley Links (JVL) Learning Series on January 27th

JVL Learning Serires

January 27th, 2021, Waterloo, ON – MEDA launches its Jordan Valley Links (JVL) project learning series today. This learning series will share key lessons from the JVL project and stories of aspiring entrepreneurs in a region that faces multiple obstacles in business, including limited access to markets and business development services or finance. By partnering with the private sector, JVL aims to increase the contributions of 25,000 women and youth to Jordan’s economy by providing them with access to finance, training, and mentorship.

The JVL Learning Series will follow the release of MEDA’s past two learning series projects: the Greater Rural Opportunities for Women in Ghana (GROW) and Nigeria WAY. The GROW project provided learnings about increasing the availability, access, and use of nutritious food to improve the food security of 20,000 families in northern Ghana. Similarly, the Nigeria WAY project provided key insights about the social perceptions of women in business and ways to improve the performances of women-led businesses in the male-dominated business environment of Bauchi state, Nigeria

MEDA is placing an increasing priority on documenting and sharing learning from our clients, our partners and our projects. Building on the success of the Ghana GROW and Nigeria WAY learning initiatives, we’re thrilled to be launching the JVL learning series. It’s exciting to be able to share such a range of high-quality tools and documents from our team in Jordan, distilling five years of learning and showcasing the fantastic work they have been doing to support women and youth to start and grow businesses.

Jennifer Denomy, Technical Director for Gender Equality and Social Inclusion, MEDA

JVL Project quick facts:

  • Funder: Global Affairs Canada
  • Project Length: 2016-2021
  • MEDA Supporters: $2.97 Million
  • Global Affairs Canada: $19.06 Million 

JVL Key programming areas include:

  • Improving Businesses: Inclusive Market Systems
  • Reducing Barriers: Community Engagement and Gender Equality
  • Tools & Approaches 

JVL achievements to date:

  • 5,641 market linkages established and facilitated for women and youth entrepreneurs
  • 7,919 women and youth entrepreneurs linked with mentors
  • 619 community savings and loans groups facilitated to provide women and youth entrepreneurs with access to finance
  • 4,879 business networks developed and expanded (including incubators) 2,703 informal business networks facilitated for aspiring and existing women and youth entrepreneurs
  • 19,459 women and youth entrepreneurs trained on technical skills, business planning, access to technology
  • 9,249 aspiring and existing women and youth entrepreneurs received financial education and soft skills training 

MEDA’s JVL Learning Series shares good practices and learnings from our partnerships and programming in Jordan, emphasizing the voices and perceptions of our women and youth clients. For more information, visit the JVL Learning Series websitewatch the promo video, or email

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