MEDA Releases its Strengthening Small Business Value Chains (SSBVC) Learning Series

July 7th, 2021, Waterloo, ON- MEDA launched its  Strengthening Small Business Value Chains (SSBVC) project learning series today. This learning series contains key lessons from the SSBVC about the challenges and successes that ambitious women and men farmers and entrepreneurs face while growing their livelihoods and businesses in Tanzania. Through the SSBVC project, more than 28,000 women and men farmers gained access to finance, business skills and resources. The results are significant: this further enables them to expand their businesses in the manufacturing, agriculture, and construction sectors, positively contributing to the rural economies of the Arusha, Morogoro, and Mtwara business areas of Tanzania.

The SSBVC Learning Series will follow the release of MEDA’s past three learning series projects: The Greater Rural Opportunities for Women in Ghana (GROW), Nigeria Youth Entrepreneurship and Women’s Empowerment (WAY), and the Jordan Valley Links (JVL) Learning Series. The GROW project provided learnings about increasing the availability, access, and use of nutritious food for 20,000 families in northern Ghana. Similarly, the Nigeria WAY project offered key insights about the social perceptions of women in business and ways to improve the performances of women-led businesses in the male-dominated business environment of Bauchi state, Nigeria. Lastly, the JVL Learning series shared key lessons about its partnership with the private sector and the empowerment of 25,000 Jordanian women and youth through access to finance, training, and mentorship opportunities.

“Over the past six-and-a-half years, the SSBVC project has worked with small businesses and entrepreneurs to improve their performance, respond to market opportunities, and strengthen their relationships with small farmers. We have learned much during this time. Those learnings are now available for you from our team in Tanzania. These documents distill years of learning and showcase the fantastic work they have been doing to support growing businesses and small entrepreneurs revitalizing rural and peri-urban economies.”

– Fiona MacKenzie, Sr. Project Manager, MEDA

Project quick facts:

Funder: Global Affairs Canada

Project Length: 2015-2021

SSBVC Key Learning series areas include:

  • Engaging businesses in Tanzania
  • Client experiences with business performance and drivers of success
  • Sustainable business development strategies
  • Promoting and measuring women’s economic empowerment

SSBVC achievements to date:

MEDA’s SSBVC Learning Series shares best practices and learnings from our partnerships and programming in Tanzania, amplifying the voices and perceptions of our women and youth clients. For more information, click here or watch the promo video.

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