MEDA President and CEO, Dorothy Nyambi discusses shepherding organizational change on “NGO Soul + Strategy” podcast

Waterloo, Ontario- April 2nd, 2021- President and CEO of MEDA, Dorothy Nyambi joined International Development Expert, Tosca Bruno-Van Vijfeijken on her podcast, “NGO Soul + Strategy”. They discussed Dorothy’s experience of leading organizational change as a woman of color in the non-profit sector and the challenges and opportunities that can arise.

In an in-depth conversation, Dorothy discussed MEDA’s origins, its work, and its goals for the future. She outlined her leadership approach to creating change from an outsider’s perspective while using her extensive experience as a medical doctor and a senior level NGO executive.

On a broader level, the conversation focused on the drive to “shift the power” in the international development sector from the Global North to the Global South by working to change the “white savior” mentality. Dorothy further discussed the great steps that MEDA has taken to drive change through its strategic plan that will create decent work opportunities for 500,000 people over ten years.

Further takeaways from this engaging conversation include how to implement organizational change, the role of inclusivity and diversity in leadership, how power and politics factor into change management and overcoming challenges during times of organizational change.

Quotes from Dorothy Nyambi:

“I will be bringing myself into it as a black woman driving to bring change to a white organization in a sector where white saviorism and specifically white male dominance is predominant. That will be the lens that will drive my change journey, but a journey that I am proud of and which has lots of lessons for me.”

“MEDA’s competitive advantage involves working with the private sector…. bringing that business approach and bringing that private sector to be a key player in the development arena.”

To listen to the full podcast episode, click here.

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