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MEDA Launches BEL Campaign

Waterloo, ON, May 22, 2019 - MEDA has launched a fundraising campaign to support a growing number of major MEDA projects and increase their impact on global poverty. The Building Enduring Livelihoods (BEL) campaign looks to secure $50 million in private donor funds by October 31, 2019, which will help solidify over $300 million in institutional funds.

“The impact of these projects and their potential ripple effect on the local economy is breathtaking and very exciting”, says MEDA CEO Dr. Dorothy Nyambi. “This is an amazing time for MEDA and an opportunity for us to impact the world in ways we never dreamed possible.”

Current projections indicate these major MEDA projects will support 10 million entrepreneurs and their families in developing economies like Senegal, Myanmar, Ethiopia, and many others. By partnering with local entrepreneurs to understand and overcome the barriers they face in growing their business, MEDA creates solutions with lasting and sustainable results.

The Building Enduring Livelihoods campaign is an exciting opportunity for MEDA to carry forward their approach to alleviating poverty and elevating it to a new level of impact. Every dollar given by private donors will be multiplied seven-fold in impact with matching funds from institutional partners.

To date, the BEL campaign has secured $44 million in private donor commitments – enabling 6.4 million entrepreneurs and their families to live more dignified, prosperous lives. To support projects impacting the remaining 3.6 million entrepreneurs, an additional $6 million in gift intentions is required.

To learn more about our impact on poverty, or to make a donation to this campaign, please visit