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Source: "Agricultural partnerships lead to global impact" in MSCU (Mennonite Savings and Credit Union) Share Spring 2015 Issue

We announced in our summer issue of Share that, as part of our commitment to the ongoing Farmer to Farmer partnership with MEDA (Mennonite Economic Development Associates), we'd donate $50 for every agricultural loan we advanced in 2014. Because of your business with us, we are excited to announce that 483 loans led to a $24,150 donation in December.

This big opportunity is a result of the many successful partnerships between MSCU account managers and our members. Thank you! MEDA's current agricultural projects support farmers in countries as diverse as Ukraine, Tanzania, Nicaragua, and Ethiopia where innovative partnerships improve access to technology and markets that improve the lives of millions.

Typically, dollars donated to MEDA are used as seed funds and are multiplied seven times through partnerships with other organizations and governments to make a huge impact around the world. We also invite all members to: discover more by visiting; consider donating online, by cheque, or through ChangeIt; and spread the word to others about this partnership!