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On March 23rd, Dr. Dorothy Nyambi sent the following message to all MEDA supporters about the COVID-19 outbreak:


Dear Supporters,

Greetings from Waterloo! Across the world, people are facing circumstances they have never encountered before. The COVID-19 pandemic has evolved with incredible speed and is demanding very rapid action from all of us.

The full extent of this crisis is not yet known. What is known, and what I am thankful for, is that in times of crisis we can depend on each other to find a way out. I know this because over my past year and a half at MEDA I have borne witness to the generosity of so many in this world. From our institutional partners, to the clients and businesses we work with, to you, our supporters. I know that in times of crisis, community bands together to support and encourage one another. I know that the same will happen here.


We are grateful for a wise and level-headed Security Management Team that, since January, has been providing regular informative updates to our staff as the situation developed. Once the World Health Organization declared a pandemic, we put “Work from Home” protocols in place for all our staff. Country field offices are making decisions for their staff teams depending on local situations.

For our partners and clients, we stand together in this through our shared mission of business solutions to poverty. In these challenging times, we are all aligned, and the priority is health and safety.

The effects of COVID-19 are multifaced and still unfolding. We expect that business across the globe will be affected and we will continue together, to learn and adapt as needed. Challenges always create opportunity for innovation, and we will continue to collaborate to find new and cost-effective ways to improve our work, advance our goal and find the best solutions to improve our impact.

In the days ahead we ask that you keep our clients in your thoughts and prayers. There are so many around the globe who are not as fortunate as us, who were already facing the trials of poverty and who need our support more than ever. Like many of our small businesses in North America, they are also likely to experience a decrease in their revenue, and disruption to the very supply chains and markets that they are fighting to join. We know that technical training, advice, and access to financial services will continue to be vital.

For those who have been affected by the virus, and all the frontline workers, our thoughts are with you.

I look forward to staying connected with you in the coming weeks. In the interim, stay healthy, hold your family close and be grateful for the blessings that can be counted today.

Dr. Dorothy Nyambi

Dr. Dorothy Nyambi