MEDA Celebrates International Development Week

Waterloo, ON – Last week, MEDA participated in International Development Week by highlighting the critical issues that matter to Canadians and those who work in international development.

This year, we shared content focused on harnessing the power of systems-level change, localization, and partnerships to alleviate poverty and build stronger businesses for our clients. Drawing upon the expertise of its technical staff, MEDA shared blogs from each theme that discussed how we are working toward the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and advancing our overarching goal of creating or sustaining decent work for 500,000 people by 2030.

Some highlights from International Development Week 2023 include:

How digital finance creates decent work for women in agriculture

Jessica Villanueva, Senior Director, Technical Areas of Expertise, and Regina Nyakinyua, Technical Specialist, Impact Investment, write about the impact that finance can have on women entrepreneurs and farmers in the Global South.

Does biodiversity matter to small-scale producers?

In this blog by Derek Valones, Market Systems Technical Lead in RIISA – Philippines, he explores how biodiversity can help to build economic and environmental resilience for small-scale farmers and producers in Mindanao, Philippines.

Shifting power back into the hands of the communities we serve: MEDA’s localization approach

Steve Cumming, Director, Strategy & Planning & Acting Director, Partnerships and Business Development, and Sophia Amstutz, Strategy and Impact Coordinator, write about how and why localization will play a critical role in advancing MEDA’s strategic goals.

Four things we learned from Let’s Talk Agriculture, episode nine with Jennifer Denomy, MEDA’s Technical Director, Gender Equality and Social Inclusion

In this post, Jen Denomy discusses the value of GESI in agriculture and how this can benefit communities around the world.

How DeLaFinca is ‘Going for the Goals’ in Nicaragua’s Agri-food Sector

Jen King, Technical Director, Market Systems, writes about MEDA’s Technolinks+ client, DeLaFinca, overcoming the odds to win a business award and how sustainable market systems development can transform lives and communities worldwide.

Since 1991, the goal of International Development Week has been to raise awareness of international development work and to highlight Canadians’ significant contributions that make the world more just, stable, and peaceful.

For more information, please contact:

Krista O’Brien
Director, Corporate and Creative Communications
Mennonite Economic Development Associates (MEDA)



  • MEDA (Mennonite Economic Development Associates)

    MEDA is an international economic development organization that creates business solutions to poverty. We work in agri-food market systems, focusing primarily on women and youth in rural communities in the Global South. Our success is measured by income, improved processes, increased knowledge, and the creation of decent work.

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