Mastercard Foundation Request for an Expression of Interest: Domiciliation in Africa Study

Consultancy to conduct a study on Africa as a domiciliation jurisdiction for investment vehicles and funds, deadline May 5th, 2023.

The Mastercard Foundation (the “Foundation”) invites qualified consultancy firms and/or individuals, and/or consortiums (“Contractor”) to express their interest to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the various options available to IVs and FMs for domiciliation in Africa, the potential benefits, and drawbacks of different domiciliation choices.

The study will provide a deep analysis of the factors that influence the decision-making process of IVs and FMs (local, regional, and international IVs and FMs, international DFIs, Investors, private and public etc.), including legal and regulatory considerations, tax implications, market access, and investor preferences.

The objective is to map out and profile the options open to Africa-based fund managers and investment vehicles to crowd in international and domestic private capital, by deepening domiciliation on the African continent.

The study will develop a reference framework for the various options available to IVs and FMs for domiciliation, with a specific focus on how these choices impact the flow of private capital to the African continent.

The deadline for submissions is May 5, 2023, 4:00 p.m. GMT.

Read more about MEDA’s involvement in the Mastercard Foundation Africa Growth Fund as the lead consortium partner.



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