Sky’s the Limit: How SkyAcres Soared to Victory in the MEDA Convention Pitch Competition

What if technology could transform the future of farming and food security?

SkyAcres is an Ag-Tech start up that aims to increase food security in Canada’s North. They are one of Canada’s first climate and social impact driven vertical farming companies. In 2021, SkyAcres was the People’s Choice winner at the annual MEDA Convention. The founder of SkyAcres is Ishaan Kohli, an award-winning research and food systems scientist. Ishaan’s passion for sustainability is supported by his background in computer science and physics. The heat waves and floods in British Columbia during 2021 and food insecurity in First Nations communities were drivers in shifting his focus towards Agri-tech climate solutions.

Ishaan joins us to share more about the journey of his company, what life has been like since winning the Pitch Competition, and exciting opportunities ahead!

SkyAcres addresses food security in Northern Canada through low-cost vertical farming that has a positive climate and social impact. This innovative farming cares for the environment and people, using smart techniques to reduce energy, pollution, and harm to land. SkyAcres minimizes water use and increases yield, benefiting farmers greatly. Their portfolio includes diverse pesticide-free produce for balanced nutrition, stabilizing supply and income. Pioneering technologies set SkyAcres apart: Ag-AI for precision, solar concentrators and fiber optics for sunlight optimization, and LP Aeroponics for faster growth. These innovations redefine farming possibilities, enhancing efficiency and sustainability, making SkyAcres an Ag-Tech trailblazer.

At MEDA Convention 2021, Ishaan delivered a powerful pitch that ultimately won them the People’s Choice award. The SkyAcres pitch provided attendees urgency, as Ishaan highlighted the quickly deteriorating state of planet and environment due to agriculture inefficiencies. These claims we supported by research on food insecurity and depicted the negative effects on Canadians. What made Ishaan’s pitch compelling is that for the challenges mentioned, SkyAcres provides a solution. Along with solutions, the organization provides innovative offerings that make farming processes greatly efficient.

Since winning the People’s Choice Award at the MEDA Pitch Competition, SkyAcres has planned to launch vertical farming facilities in rural Canadian cities. This is important for First Nations communities, like in Fort Alberty – that pay a premium for food, yet don’t have consistent access to affordable, fresh produce. The facilities can reduce costs by almost 40 percent, while stimulating economic development by employing locals.

SkyAcres is committed to making further progress in the agriculture sector while focusing on their climate and social impact. The support that SkyAcres provides to its stakeholders is invaluable in creating business solutions and empowering communities.

The MEDA Pitch Competition prize has helped push SkyAcres closer to its goals and has helped expand their business operations. The MEDA Pitch Competition can be an important opportunity for entrepreneurs such as Ishaan who need funding to keep their ventures operational and receive exposure for their efforts to build sustainable innovations. This year, MEDA is partnering with D-Prize to find what new idea will be the next to win the 2023 Pitch Competition.

To have the exclusive learning opportunity about fresh and new ideas in the agriculture sector, register for Convention and attend the D-Prize and MEDA Pitch Competition in Toronto!

MEDA encourages you to learn more about the important work being carried out by SkyAcres, and the many other businesses striving to make a difference in this sector. Support SkyAcres by watching their video interview and sharing their story today!

Join the movement for positive change.



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Guchi Bamrah

Well done Ishaan, great work wishing you all the best in the future and looking forward to meeting with you in person to grow with your great achievements God bless

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