NovFeed’s Revolutionary Solution Secures First Place at the MEDA Convention Pitch Competition 

Above: Diana Orembe, Founder of NovFeed

In today’s world, where population growth poses challenges to both food security and the environment, innovative solutions are vital. NovFeed, the 2022 co-winner of the MEDA Pitch Competition, is one such groundbreaking company that is addressing the pressing issue of animal feed production and its impact on our planet. Founded by Diana Orembe, NovFeed is at the forefront of the fight against CO2 emissions and the depletion of natural food sources.  

The Problem to Solve

With global population growth, the demand for animal feed is rising dramatically, leading to various environmental challenges. Traditional animal feed production, reliant on wild-caught fish and farmed soy, contributes to CO2 emissions and places immense pressure on finite resources like wild-caught fish. Moreover, it’s a costly process, with fish farmers spending up to 70% of their production budget on expensive feeds. 

The NovFeed Solution

NovFeed offers a revolutionary protein feed solution that is nutritionally comparable to traditional fishmeal but without the need for wild-caught fish and farmed soy. Their innovative technology transforms organic waste, a potent greenhouse gas emitter, into protein using bacteria as a bio-factory. This approach not only drives a circular economy but also reduces the strain on our environment. 

What sets NovFeed apart are the exceptional qualities of their product: 

Nutritional Value: NovFeed’s high-protein ingredients have been rigorously tested across various species, demonstrating a favorable amino acid profile, high digestibility, long shelf life, and outstanding palatability for fish. 

Sustainability: NovFeed’s protein has a superior sustainability footprint as it’s produced in controlled industrial conditions, minimizing its impact on the environment. 

Efficiency: Bacteria-based protein from NovFeed contains 30% more protein than fishmeal and soybean, resulting in significant improvements in fish growth rates and survival rates. 

NovFeed’s technology not only benefits the environment but also offers a solution to the global food crisis. By providing a sustainable, cost-effective, and nutritious alternative to traditional animal feed, NovFeed is contributing to a more secure and sustainable food future. As they continue to innovate, NovFeed aims to expand their reach and make a significant impact on the aquaculture and meat sectors. 

Since Winning the MEDA Pitch Competition in 2022…

Following their impressive victory at the 2022 MEDA Pitch Competition, NovFeed wasted no time in harnessing the momentum and support they received. Here’s a glimpse of what they have been doing since being crowned co-winner: 

Scaling Operations: NovFeed’s primary goal has been to scale their operations rapidly and efficiently to meet the growing demand for their innovative feed solution. 

Expanding Reach: NovFeed has worked tirelessly to expand their reach to regions where the environmental impact of traditional animal feed production is most pronounced. 

Research and Development: They continue to invest in research and development to improve their technology further, ensuring their product remains at the forefront of the animal feed industry. 

Building Partnerships: NovFeed has actively sought partnerships with like-minded organizations, research institutions, and government agencies to amplify their impact. 

Community Engagement: NovFeed has actively engaged in initiatives that empower local communities and promote economic development, creating opportunities for communities to participate in their production process. 

NovFeed continues to make great strides in the animal feed industry while advancing their mission of sustainability and innovation. Their dedication to transforming organic waste into nutritious protein ingredients is not only changing the way we feed animals but also reducing the environmental burden associated with traditional feed production. NovFeed’s work serves as an inspiring example of how entrepreneurial vision and cutting-edge technology can pave the way for a more sustainable and secure food future.  

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MEDA encourages you to learn more about the important work being carried out by NovFeed, and the many other businesses striving to make a difference in this sector! 

Join the movement for positive change. 



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