MEDA Convention 2022 Pitch Competition finalists have been announced!

Above: (From left to right) Dr. Dorothy Nyambi, President and CEO of MEDA, Ron Schlegel, 2019 Pitch Competition winner, Emergency Response Africa, the runner up, RollUP Solutions Inc., and Crystal Weaver, MEDA board member.

After a long review of some very qualified candidates, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve confirmed our list of Pitch Competition finalists!

This year’s finalists represent some of the best of what social entrepreneurs have to offer: bright, ambitious, and full of new ideas to make our world better. They play a vital role in raising living standards and uplifting communities.

Our finalists are in the running to win $15,000 in prizes, boost their ventures, and expand their networks. If you’re still thinking about whether to attend Convention, here‘s why you should reconsider.

Our 2022 Pitch Competition finalists

Diana Orembe

Above: Diana Orembe, co-founder of Novfeed

Diana Orembe is the co-founder of Novfeed, a biotech company that transforms organic waste into alternative protein ingredients.

Did you know: Organic waste is one of the most significant contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. Organic waste ends up in landfills and releases methane, a harmful greenhouse gas. Organizations like Novfeed convert waste into protein-enriched food, contributing to a more sustainable world.

Joji B. Pantoja

Above: Joji B. Pantoja, CEO and co-founder of Coffee for Peace

Joji B. Pantoja is the CEO and co-founder of Coffee for Peace. This social enterprise provides training for coffee farmers to enhance their coffee-producing skills and financial support for farming communities. It also offers post-harvest services for coffee farmers to help them prepare their products for sale.

Did you know: Coffee for Peace arose from a conflict between two neighboring farming communities in the Philippines. Joji used her persuasive skills in peacebuilding to invite each side for coffee, kickstarting the peace process. Each customer also funds this peace process through their coffee purchases.

Fedrick Lingson Kibona

Above: Fedrick Lingson Kibona, founder of Frecha Milling Group

Fedrick Lingson Kibona is the founder of “Frecha Milling Group,” which mills and fortifies maize flour. It also provides extension support to smallholder farmers in Tanzania. This has led to reduced post-harvest losses and higher incomes for smallholder farmers.

Did you know: Agriculture is essential in Tanzania – 75% of the population works in this sector. Because of its importance, it has the potential to boost incomes and improve the livelihoods of its workers. Frecha Milling Group plays a vital role in working to improve livelihoods and incomes in Tanzania.

Jolenta Joseph

Above: Jolenta Joseph, Managing Director and Nutritionist, Sanavita

Jolenta Joseph is the Managing Director and Nutritionist of Sanavita, which produces nutritious, healthy food products and services for children and pregnant women to fight hunger in Tanzania.

Did you know: Nearly three million children under five years of age are estimated to be physically stunted. More than 600,000 children suffer from severe malnutrition. Sanavita works to alleviate this issue by providing nutritious food for pregnant women and children.

Fortunatha Joseph Mmari

Above: Fortunatha Joseph Mmari, Co-founder & Managing Director, AFCO

Fortunatha Mmari is the Co-Founder & Managing Director of AFCO, specializing in selling affordable, nutritious foods to families. It focuses on serving the most vulnerable people in the community, such as children from six months and pregnant/lactating mothers.

Did you know: Food insecurity is high in Tanzania. Despite the country’s ability to feed itself, the most economically vulnerable people in Tanzania have limited access to food.

AFCO works to improve these circumstances by selling its nutritious food products to some of the most vulnerable in Tanzania’s communities. As a result, this will boost food security and improve nutritional health.

Our Pitch Competition is an event that you won’t want to miss!

If you still haven’t registered for Convention, it’s not too late! Registration closes on October 31st.

Join us to connect with like-minded businesspeople passionate about faith and work. Take part in seminars, activities, plenaries, and tours that showcase the power of business around the globe. Engage in conversation around business as a calling and MEDA’s work creating business solutions to poverty.

Don’t miss out on your chance to mingle, connect, and see entrepreneurism in action in Lancaster this November 3rd-6th!



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