Faith meets purpose: My work at MEDA

Above: Chris Brnjas, Associate Development Officer, MEDA

Faith for me is deeply connected to purpose. The idea that God designed and created us for a purpose – that we are not lost in space or condemned to an empty or meaningless life. God gave us life – and through life, we find purpose. If we don’t have purpose – we cannot feel like we are truly living.

This life-giving purpose is what inspires me in my work at MEDA. I find MEDA’s mission to be both purposeful and fulfilling – and on my bad days, I try to remember this and it helps keep me going.

As MEDA is founded on Christian values, it brings me much joy to be able to bring my Christian faith into the workplace. I do not have to leave it at home or hide it – I bring mine with me and use it to contribute to the mission. The faith of my colleagues – whatever that looks like for them – is also brought in, and together we get to work daily around the world on creating business solutions to poverty.

The sun does not set on our work – when I end my workday, I have colleagues on the other side of their world just starting theirs. When I start in the morning, my colleagues have been at work fulfilling our mission while I am asleep. That’s pretty cool! It’s a thought that can be easily taken for granted in our globalized, technological world.

I believe that God smiles at our work. Our global work is an act of worship – and I mean that in the Ancient Hebrew (Avoda, Avodah עֲבוֹדָה) which means “work, worship, service.” We are serving a common idea shared by our Mennonite forebearers that each human is worthy of the opportunity to fulfill their God-given potential.

And for me, I am not sure if I can find a more fulfilling purpose than that.

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