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Upper East Adventure (Pt. 2)

On our last morning, we visited the village of Tongo Hills and the nearby Tengzug Shrine. In order to go inside the community, we had to pay a fee and ask the chief himself for permission to enter his palace and take pictures. He was an older gentleman who looked a bit like a professor with his round glasses and white hair. He was reclining on cushions on his throne where we introduced ourselves and shook his hand. The chief has 23 wives, about 150 children and there are about 350 people who live in his compound. Tradition dictates the buildings are not allowed to have thatch roofs and are made completely of mud, with flat roofs where people sleep outside during the warm season.

b2ap3_thumbnail_5a---View-of-Chiefs-compound MEDA - Upper East Adventure (Pt. 2)
b2ap3_thumbnail_5b---Path-through-chiefs-compound MEDA - Upper East Adventure (Pt. 2)
b2ap3_thumbnail_5c---Shrine-to-first-chief MEDA - Upper East Adventure (Pt. 2)
b2ap3_thumbnail_5e---Solar-panels MEDA - Upper East Adventure (Pt. 2)

b2ap3_thumbnail_5f---Round-houses MEDA - Upper East Adventure (Pt. 2)

About 200m down the road of the chief’s compound is a large cropping of rocks that functioned as a school from 1965-1985. The “cave school” was the first in the community and had 21 students enrolled at a time. There were separate areas for cooking and eating, as well as a classroom. There is now a proper school beside the original.

b2ap3_thumbnail_6---Cave-school MEDA - Upper East Adventure (Pt. 2)
We also hiked (almost) to the nearby Tengzug Shrine where there is an Oracle at the top. This climb involved climbing over large rocks and past smaller shrines, a donkey cave, a stone for smaller livestock sacrifices are made, along with breathtaking views of the valley. Unfortunately we didn’t make it all the way to the top, but we still got to enjoy the views and descend.
b2ap3_thumbnail_7b---View-2 MEDA - Upper East Adventure (Pt. 2)
It was a short but busy weekend adventure!

Until next time,

Janelle & Sarah

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Upper East Adventure

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