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The Critical Role of Security, MEDA Global

Security Training

Security at MEDA – always an important part of operations – has taken on an even more critical role as we navigate the COVID pandemic. Scott Ruddick, MEDA’s security director and the individual responsible for directing the security response to the pandemic, credits the project security focal points ( SFP) for helping to ensure staff safety.

“Each field office has a designated security focal point, who is responsible for the day to day security of our projects,” explains Ruddick. “An early decision for us – as we realized the impact that the pandemic was going to have - was to shift our programming to a remote working model in order to ensure the safety of our staff and our clients. We could not have accomplished that without the support of the SFPs. They helped develop workplans, communicate with staff and manage the office shutdowns.” 

While our security professionals are often behind the scenes, ensuring our safety, we want to publicly recognize their ongoing guidance, dedication and support as they help us safely navigate uncharted waters. We asked Scott to share an anecdote or a specific insight on the role each SFP has been playing. 

Amos Maganga Munal (Kenya): “Amos has always been proactive in his approach to security. During the work from home protocols, he has communicated continuously with staff while overseeing office security and keeping a steady flow of information on the in-county risks.” 

Patrick Ekowhiro (Nigeria): “Patrick is diligent in his security responsibilities. He works closely with the management team. He is part of a daily online meeting with all staff, where he reinforces the protocols and ensures the physical security of our offices.” 

Carlos Fernando López (Nicaragua): “Carlos has a dual role – he is both the deputy lead on the project and acts as the security focal point. He monitors alerts on news from the region and has been instrumental in coaching staff on working remotely.” 

Tigist Bekele (Ethiopia): “Tigist has been exceptional at monitoring local security issues in what is a challenging environment and providing an informed perspective. She’s been adept at encouraging staff uptake to the remote working protocols.” 

Elvis Brenya (Ghana): “Due to working with an international consultant, Elvis found himself in quarantine at the beginning of the pandemic as a precaution. Despite that, he has been able to manage the security for the project remotely, ensuring staff are working effectively from their home offices.” 

Nujoud Safadi (Jordan): “Nujoud has been instrumental in enabling our Jordan staff to work remotely. She assists them in sending their work plans on a weekly basis to their supervisors, maintains close coordination with partners, and helps staff in submitting assigned work online.” 

Johnson Minja (Tanzania): “Johnson has described the remote working model as a cultural change for the Tanzanian staff, as most of them were not used to working from home before. He has been instrumental in assisting staff to get comfortable with it; encouraging their use of e-mails, Skype and Microsoft team chats and follows up with field operations remotely.“ 

Khaing Htet Myat (Myanmar): “ Khaing had to relocate with his family back to his village at the start of the pandemic. Despite that, he has been an active part of the office’s security operations. He has been in daily contact with all staff as well as MEDA head office, and provides regular and helpful updates.” 

Dmitriy Nikolaiev (Ukraine): “ Dmitriy, who is our Ukraine’s project director, has also been filling as the interim security focal point. He has been able to leverage the project’s use of online learning and education - webinars, internal Skype meetings – to help staff transition to working remotely. They also use their website and Facebook page to promote and share knowledge and information among both staff and clients.” 

We are grateful to the entire team and to our Sr. Director Global Security, Scott Ruddick. Scott's responsiveness, care and dedication to training for our staff contributes to a work environment in which staff know and feel that their safety matters! Last but not least, he delivers MEDA's mandatory security training to staff with humor and experiential learning opportunities that always amaze new staff! 

MEDA is proud to have outstanding global security systems in place across the organization.


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