b2ap3_thumbnail_Bike-to-GROW-in-Northern-Ontario-1 BlogAs we sit here looking at Georgian Bay, I am in disbelief that I made it through Northern Ontario. For me, the ferry from Manitoulin Island to Tobermory was a major milestone in this journey. I thought if I could just make it there, I could see myself making it to St. John’s. We will still have challenges and we will still have hard days, but from here on out, I can look back and remember all that I have overcome thus far.

As we enjoy a much-needed day off at Cyprus Lake in Tobermory, listening to the waves crashing against the shore, I reflect on so many amazing experiences I have had in the last three weeks. As we crossed the border to Northern Ontario, I felt my stomach tighten into a million knots. We had been warned about the shoulders on the road, the bugs that never go away and the crazy truck drivers that b2ap3_thumbnail_Bike-to-GROW-in-Northern-Ontario-3 Blogwill drive us right off the road.

Somehow though, they forgot to tell us about the unimaginable beauty of Lake Superior and Lake Huron. There was beauty in the natural scenery we were surrounded by, there was beauty in the hearts of everyone we met and there was beauty in the company of our fellow cyclists.

b2ap3_thumbnail_Bike-to-GROW-in-Northern-Ontario-2 BlogThrough Northern Ontario, there are not too many choices of routes to take, so we seemed to run into different cyclists, all with their own story. The most amazing part of this whole journey to me is how everything seems to happen exactly when it is supposed to. There is no question that God is listening to everyone praying for us. As we were entering into what I expected to be the scariest part of the whole trip, we connected with the perfect people to keep our spirits high.

First, it starts with a plan of where to camp for the night, then a spot to meet up for the next night. Suddenly, we’re figuring out what our next week will look like together. Surrounded by beautiful, inspiring people, the days seem to fly by and before we knew it, we were on the ferry to Tobermory.

b2ap3_thumbnail_Bike-to-GROW-in-Northern-Ontario-4 BlogWith too many stories to tell, all I can do is thank all of those people that I met along way who kept me going one more hour, one more day and one more province. The closer we felt to each other, the more we were able to open up. All of us needed to find this new community for different reasons: Some for a day, some for a week and some for the whole province. The goodbyes were never fun, but the memories made are ones that are making this into the summer I had always imagined...full of funny stories, tough challenges and new friends from all over.

The hills were big, there were a lot of bugs and the shoulders weren’t great, but none of that seems to bring us down from the best summer of our lives. Northern Ontario has taught me to be patient, to let go of what I cannot change and to trust that I will be okay. When I am able to let go of my fears and worries, I find ways to overcome challenges that I never thought imaginable. As we treat ourselves to a day off in Tobermory, suddenly St. John’s doesn’t seem so far away.