b2ap3_thumbnail_sarah BlogMEDA recently asked both Bike to GROW cyclists 10 questions about themselves, their fellow rider and the upcoming experience. This time, Sarah shares her thoughts...

What place are you eager to see?

When I was researching the route more in-depth, I came across Manitoulin Island and the Grotto. I didn't even know that existed in Ontario.

What are you not looking forward to doing?
Running into a bear.

What are five words you'd use to describe Mary?
Surprising, funny, humble, generous and loving.

What's your favourite thing about Mary?
She tries to protect me when she's driving. Every time she hits the break, she puts her arm out to make sure I don't go flying forward. I thought the first time she was trying to give me a high five or hold my hand.

What's one thing Mary doesn't know about you?
I snore like Darth Vader, and I am a fan of Star Wars. A few years ago, I attended a comicon for it.

What's your go-to pre-ride snack?
I love mixing frozen fruit with hardboiled eggs, flax seed, hemp hearts and a sliced banana.

What's one piece of equipment you can't bike without?
Chamois pads, the padding for your derriere.

What's one new thing you've learned about biking?
A bicycle can stay upright without a rider as long as it's moving 8mph or faster.

Who's your biggest supporter?
Anthony, my boyfriend, has to be my biggest supporter. As a boyfriend, I am always surprised that he supports this trip. He has actually connected me to a local business club, where I was able to give a presentation. He plans on joining us at some point.

What are you most excited about for Bike to GROW?
I'm excited to spread the word to people about MEDA outside Mennonite communities.