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Faith and business in the Sunshine State

Business Leaders ConferenceSue with her husband and two children


Attending MEDA’s Entrepreneur’s Conference—now called Business Leader’s Conference—is something my husband Galen has enjoyed for the past several years. He always comes home refreshed and with thought-provoking ideas gleaned from the meetings and his conversations with other participants.

Last year when I retired from classroom teaching, I was happy to have the time to be able to participate in the conference and experience the weekend firsthand.

Traveling to Florida during the winter months is certainly a plus. The accommodations, interesting restaurant choices, local business tour and local sites were enjoyable.


The heart of the conference, though, is found around the meeting tables with other business owners and leaders, business family members, and MEDA representatives. Having substantive conversations about business concerns and decisions that are grounded in an unapologetically Christian ethos was refreshing to us. Being able to talk with other businesspeople who grapple with their daily business decisions within the context of faith has been significant. Everyone has an interesting and unique story, and we all can relate to the concerns and challenges of running a business. It’s been good to be in a place where being in business is not questioned as an appropriate activity for a Christian, but is instead celebrated as a calling to do God’s will in the world.

We invited our son Clayton, who is involved in our family business, to join us last year. It was an important time for us to hear his perspective and share our perspectives on the business, faith, MEDA, and life in general. This gave us a relaxed time away to connect and reconnect with him. It also offered us all an opportunity to network with other business leaders, something that is especially important to young business leaders.

MEDA hosts this gathering to support business leaders in North America and offers a brief opportunity to learn about their work to alleviate poverty through business. The stories about businesses that are supported through the work of MEDA are so moving and encouraging. In a world where much seems awry, it is heartening to see MEDA combat poverty, injustice and hopelessness by partnering with people in need to strengthen their business practices and increase their income.

We are looking forward to this year’s conference (focused on Family Business in the Midst of Polarization) and are thankful that MEDA supplies the opportunity to learn, to support each other, and to support their work in the world. We hope you will consider joining us.

Learn more about the Business Leader's Conference here.

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