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5 Reasons San Antonio is probably the coolest place to be this October

We hope you'll join us for Business as a Calling 2016: Women Changing the World in San Antonio, Texas, October 27-30! If you're on the fence about coming to the MEDA Convention this year, here are five reaons why San Antonio is the coolest place to be this October.

1. The Weather

San Antonio is one of the southern-most cities in the continental United States. That means warm (ok, HOT) weather year-round. But there’s good news! In October, the average temperature in San Antonio ranges between 60 – 80 degrees Fahrenheit or 15 – 27 degrees Celsius. For many, that’s the “Goldilocks zone:” Not too hot, not too cold, but just right.


2. The Riverwalk

Watch your step! When you exit the convention hotel (Hyatt Regency San Antonio), you enter the world-renowned San Antonio Riverwalk. It’s home to great restaurants, the famous Arneson River Theatre and plenty of shopping. The San Antonio River is only about three feet deep as it winds through the city, so even if you do fall in you’ll have no problem getting out.

b2ap3_thumbnail_arneson-river-theater_tags-Arenson_river_La-Villita MEDA - 5 Reasons San Antonio is probably the coolest place to be this OctoberArneson River Theatre
3. The Culture

The culture of San Antonio bursts with flavors of its Spanish and Mexican heritage. But here’s an interesting fact: German culture also boasts a significant influence on the city. When Texas joined the United States in 1845, German immigrants flooded the city. They settled in what is known today as the King William district, a part of San Antonio featuring historic European-style architecture.

4. The Missions

Everybody knows about The Alamo (or Mission San Antonio de Valero). But did you know that there are four more historic Catholic missions scattered through San Antonio? Each mission has its own story, but they all have their roots in the Spanish colonization of the region. The missions - Mission San Antonio de Valero, Mission San José, Mission Concepción, Mission San Juan and Mission Espada - are designated as World Heritage Sites by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). And guess what? You can take a tour to visit the beautiful missions. Bonus: A live concert will be performed in one of the missions!

b2ap3_thumbnail_Tour-Missions-Concepcion-Exterior-Bow-Howen-VisitSanAntonio MEDA - 5 Reasons San Antonio is probably the coolest place to be this OctoberMission Concepcion
5. The Food

San Antonio is home to one of four CIA campuses. No, not that CIA. The Culinary Institute of America is the world’s premier culinary college, and it only has four campuses: in New York, California, Singapore and San Antonio. The fact that the CIA has a location in San Antonio speaks volumes about the up-and-coming food scene in the city. From the classics—like Mexican tamales—to the avant-garde—like a watermelon jalepeño sorbet, you’re bound to find excellent food on every corner. You can even take a Food Lovers Tour to make sure you get to taste the best of the city. 

b2ap3_thumbnail_Puffy-Tacos-SACVB MEDA - 5 Reasons San Antonio is probably the coolest place to be this OctoberPuffy Tacos

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