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5 Charitable Gift Ideas


At Christmas, we pray for peace on Earth, and goodwill to all. Our work of creating business solutions to poverty makes a critical contribution to peacekeeping.

With your support, we create opportunities for social inclusion and both household and community cohesion, and work to ensure that the tools to build sustainable livelihoods are made available to marginalized individuals and their families.

 This holiday season, help us build bridges between small-holder farmers and locally owned small businesses that are not dependent on charity for survival.

This Christmas season, join us as we help build peace, both at home and abroad.

Here are 5 charitable gift ideas:

Christmas1Create prosperity for small entrepreneurs in Tanzania ($455)

MEDA is helping to strengthen 250 small businesses in Tanzania – the engines of economic growth – so the, in turn, can help their networks of 10,000 small entrepreneurs improve their production and their incomes over the next six years.

Christmas2Empower Ethiopian Women ($195)

MEDA is helping women and men in the gemstone, rice and vegetable sectors earn more by improving the quality and quantity of their products. When people have the opportunity to earn an income and participate in business, they can provide a better future for their families and garner respect in their communities.

Christmas3Revitalize Tree Crops in Ghana ($92)

Help $100,000+ tree farmers in Ghana by providing better access to high-quality seedlings so they can reinvigorate their cocoa, cashew, rubber and shea tree farms. Farmers will enhance productivity and profitability and gain access to finance, pumping new life into a key export industry.

Christmas4Help farmers in Nicaragua out of poverty with new tools ($58)

MEDA is improving the livelihoods of families in northern Nicaragua through better access to certified seeds, irrigation, product storage, food processing technologies and financial services. Farmers will increase their productivity, earn more, become more environmentally sustainable and integrated into export markets.

Christmas5Nigeria WAY ($25)

Help women and youth in northern Nigeria access opportunities for their small businesses in agriculture to expand their incomes. Generate family and community dialogue about the risks of early marriage and examining the benefits of engaging women and youth in entrepreneurship.

By partnering with MEDA, your gift is multiplied in impact up to seven times, on average, through funding from the government and organizational donors.

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