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Yasmin is the Gender and Youth Specialist on the Jordan Valley Links project. She has a Masters Degree in Information Technology Management. She is passionate about working with women and youth. She started her volunteering journey in 2003 with one of the national organizations for women and youth, until she became head of the organization in 2012. She has also served UNFPA for about four years as a Youth Program Officer. Yasmin believes that National and International organizations should play a complementary role for the good of Jordanian women, men, girls and boys.
Dennis Tessier serves as Senior Program Manager, Environment and Climate Change at MEDA. Dennis has been working in the field of poverty and resource management for 15 years. Prior to MEDA his work has focused on developing green energy businesses in East Africa, introducing innovative value chains for PICO solar, micro-grids, biogas, biomass and clean cookstoves. His work in the sector includes advocacy towards improving the regulatory environment for green technology and creating opportunities for women and youth to become green entrepreneurs.
Nazim Aliyev, International Microfinance Consultant, has been a microfinance activist since 1996. He was the first Chairman of the Azerbaijan Microfinance Association (AMFA) between 2001 and 2002. He established and managed microfinance institutions for Oxfam, Mercy Corps and FINCA in various countries. He is an ongoing consultant on the GROW project, providing valuable technical support on financial services for women farmers.
Chris Stanley is an International Volunteer for the YouLead project.
Tariq A. Deen is MEDA’s Environment and Climate Change intern. His position is co-funded by United Nations Association in Canada’s (UNAC) Green Corps initiative.
Kristina Kuznetsova is the Monitoring & Evaluation and Marketing manager for MEDA's Ukrainian Horticulture Business Development Project (UHBDP). In her role she manages three directions of M&E: quantitative data capture, qualitative research and focus groups, and marketing activities of the project including webpage and social network management, as well as visual content. Kristina's passion is in bringing innovation and modern approaches to the field and farmers. She does it with the help of data, on-line platforms and IT-solutions for decision making. Prior to joining MEDA, Kristina was a managing director at Datalab Agro Ukraine - a young company that develops and implements farm management software solutions. Kristina has a Masters Degree in Horticulture from the University of Bologna in Italy and Technical University of Munich, Germany, Agricultural Faculty. She is the Ukraine country representative for Young Professionals for Agricultural Development. In her free time she is engaged with voluntary projects, writes blogs about agriculture in different countries and locations and enjoys sailing and learning languages - especially German and Italian.
As Project Manager, Mira manages projects in the West Africa, Middle East North Africa region, maintains client relationships, delivers internal and external consulting services and develops new business opportunities.