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Neil Denison is MEDA’s Director of Knowledge Management and Information Technology. The KM&IT team helps connect people to people, people to systems and systems to systems throughout MEDA’s global operations.

Neil’s expertise has been developed over 20 years in both the NGO, public and private sectors. Prior to joining MEDA, Neil has worked for the Government of Canada, for Microsoft and more recently was part owner of a local IT support company for ten years. Since 1998, he has set up networks for various NGOs in West Africa, Central America and Asia and is familiar with some of the unique challenges these environments offer.

Neil holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Guelph, and a diploma in Information Technology from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology.

Knowing How To Help - Data, Aid and Impact

binary data

White foam washes gently up the beach on an idyllic Mediterranean island. In the darkness, a young woman struggles ashore. Clearly exhausted, she is missing many of her heavier clothes, sacrificed to the struggle to stay alive in the dark sea. But she is on shore now, and safe. For now. One treasure she has clung to – a small plastic bag with a few things tightly wrapped in it. It is the first thing she reaches for when she reaches the beach. Relief floods her body when she discovers that not only does she have the bag, but it is dry inside. The old Huawei smart phone shows a low battery warning and won’t start.


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