Stories from the work MEDA does around the world.

How MEDA is improving soil health in Amhara, Ethiopia

World Soil Day, and as such, it’s an excellent opportunity to talk about the role that soil plays in ensuring that healthy food can be grown and eaten by societies around the world. While this essential cornerstone of our food systems is easily overlooked, the consequences of poor soil health can be devastating.

Leading the WAY on Bauchi State’s Climate Collaboration Strategy

MEDA’s Women and Youth (WAY) project in Bauchi, Northern Nigeria is witnessing the growing impacts of climate change and biodiversity loss firsthand. Annual precipitation in the past 3 years has consistently been delayed by more than a month and when the rains do come, the intensity of rainfall over short periods of time causes flooding and soil erosion, often taking lives and destroying properties in the process.

Why Economic Security is the key to ending poverty

There are five major tools to end poverty: Quality Education, Access to Healthcare, Water and Sanitation, Economic Security and Child Participation. These are tools that will contribute to achieving Sustainable Development Goal #1; end poverty in all its forms everywhere.

Meet our Pitch Competition 2021 Finalists!

We are so excited to announce that we have selected our Pitch Competition 2021 finalists! With our focus on addressing agri-food systems, we are lucky to have five diverse businesses, passionate about making a long-term, global impact.

Food: Community, Culture, and Prosperity

My family and I recently relocated to the beautiful Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia; a province located on the far East Coast of Canada. The county resides on the unceded territory of the Mi’kmaq Nation – indigenous peoples that have inhabited this land for at least the past 11,000 years.