Stories from the work MEDA does around the world.

Why World Environment Day matters

Today, I’d like to take this opportunity on World Environment Day to discuss the importance of MEDA’s work and the agricultural sector’s impact has on the environment.

Earth Day matters at MEDA

Today, we celebrate Earth Day, which is an opportunity to highlight all the significant steps we have taken at MEDA to make the earth more livable for ourselves and future generations. It’s also an opportunity to highlight the steps we need to continue to ensure that climate change’s worst effects do not occur.

Choosing faith over facts / Escogiendo la Fe pese a los hechos

March 2018 marked the beginning of my journey with MEDA. Today – 4 years later – I am impressed and excited to see how the organization has grown, and it motivates me to continue working Towards an Equal World, while also Building for Impact.

Leveraging Investment to #BreaktheBias

To mark this year’s International Women’s Day theme of ‘Break the Bias’, MEDA’s Technical Directors of Impact Investment Gender Equality & Social Inclusion sat down together to talk about how their two technical areas overlap and what this means for MEDA’s work.

How Ukrainian farmers are adapting to climate change

Climate change is having a severe impact on agricultural producers in Ukraine. The changing climate has resulted in extreme weather events, like droughts, floods, dry spells, and hailstones, that have become all too common.

Why financial literacy and education matters today 

Every day, we make financial decisions.  This includes negotiating with a merchant, creating holiday plans, or watching a movie on its premiere release. Sound financial decisions can contribute to broader saving habits that boost earnings and increase savings.   

Economic resilience: more than the economy?

Two years ago, countries around the world began implementing lockdowns and other restrictions to control the spread of the COVID-19 virus. These lockdowns resulted in an unprecedented disruption in global markets, a rise in food systems vulnerabilities, and a socio-economic crisis few of us have witnessed in our lifetime.