MEDA Releases its Strengthening Small Business Value Chains (SSBVC) Learning Series

July 7th, 2021, Waterloo, ON- MEDA launched its  Strengthening Small Business Value Chains (SSBVC) project learning series today. This learning series contains key lessons from the SSBVC about the challenges and successes that ambitious women and men farmers and entrepreneurs face while growing their livelihoods and businesses in Tanzania. Through the SSBVC project, more than 28,000 women and men farmers gained access to finance, business skills and resources. The results are significant: this further enables them


Canada addressing poverty through nutrition

Source: “COLUMN: Addressing poverty through nutrition” by Lois Brown in the Aurora Banner ( We all know of the pivotal role nutrition plays in improving

Chris Steingart builds websites and life

Source: “Chris Steingart builds websites and life” by Dave Rogalsky in the Canadian Mennonite (In print) Late last year, Mennonite Economic Development Associates (MEDA) presented its