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MEDA reaffirms its commitment to fight climate change on Earth Day

Waterloo, ON, April 22nd, 2021 – MEDA joins the international community to celebrate Earth Day 2021, under the theme, “Restore our Earth”, which will feature a variety of high-profile dignitaries and speakers. Restoring our Earth will focus on innovative ways and technologies that can help to renew the world’s ecosystems. It will further remind us of the current challenges to prevent the worst effects of climate change from occurring and the opportunity to create a more environmentally


Thousands attend MEDA’s World Night Market

By Hope McKeever Photos: Nate Bergey Globally, markets serve as the epi-center of economic and social involvement. Likewise, with outdoor farmer’s markets, Pennsylvania is no

Canada addressing poverty through nutrition

Source: “COLUMN: Addressing poverty through nutrition” by Lois Brown in the Aurora Banner ( We all know of the pivotal role nutrition plays in improving

Chris Steingart builds websites and life

Source: “Chris Steingart builds websites and life” by Dave Rogalsky in the Canadian Mennonite (In print) Late last year, Mennonite Economic Development Associates (MEDA) presented its