Ignite your Fundraiser

Decide how you'll create change!

The MEDA Community has some great ideas, and you’ve probably got some of them. Use your skills and passions to highlight the need for sustainable solutions to poverty through business.

Whether you’re an individual, business, community group or a long-standing MEDA supporter, organizing your own event or fundraiser is a great way to advocate why creating business solutions to poverty is sustainable, ethical and possible.

Need a Cause?

What are you passionate about? Gender equality? Climate change? Education? Investment?

Click on the icons below to learn how we work in these 4 areas:

Are you passionate about a specific country or project? Visit our project pages to learn how you can help alleviate poverty in places like Myanmar, Nicaragua, Kenya or Nigeria.

Need some Inspiration?

Launch a Hub in Your Area!

Organize a group of like-minded people in your community. Bring people together through events that champion the importance of business and entrepreneurship!

Hold an "Inside MEDA" Event

Host an event that showcases the work MEDA is doing to create business solutions to poverty around the world. Request a MEDA speaker for your event today!

Challenge Yourself

Push yourself to the limits for a great cause! Whether it’s cycling across Canada, running a marathon or walking the entirety of the Bruce Trail, you can test your limits for a great cause!

Host a Party, Meal or BBQ

Host a party, meal or BBQ that raises awareness about MEDA’s work around the world. Proceeds from your event go to a great cause!

Launch a Campaign

Get your friends and family involved! Advocate for a great cause by launching a campaign to help business integrate climate sensitive practices or invest in women entrepreneurs.

Create a Birthday or Holiday Fundraiser

Donate your birthday, Christmas or Valentine’s Day to a great cause! Give a gift in honour of those you love to a special cause of your choice.

Take us to Church

Is your church looking for a new cause to support? Invite us to speak at your church about how business can be a sustainable solution to poverty.

Create a Birthday or Holiday Fundraiser

Is your business or company looking to increase their quadruple bottom line through the people, profit, planet and progress framework? Consider partnering with us!

Host a Documentary Screening

Screen a film or documentary highlighting one of the issues MEDA works in: gender equality, climate change, business etc.!

Share your Experience!

Have you been on a trip to see the impact of MEDA’s work? Share your story during an event or with friends and family!

Still need some help brainstorming? Contact events@meda.org!


Resources to help you execute the event that is in line with your passions!
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#HowTo plan a MEDA Hub Event

Are you a Hub Leader? Do you want to host an event with your Hub? Refer to this resource to learn how you can plan your own MEDA Hub Event!

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The MEDA Network Guidebook

Learn how you can create, join or start a local movement that shares how business can be a noble calling.

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Explore our video archives!

Explore our video archives to learn more about MEDA and inspire your next event!

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Request MEDA promotion of your event

When you request promotion for your event your event will be posted on MEDA’s event calendar, Facebook page, online registration page and more!
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Sample Sponsorship Letter

Looking to have your event sponsored? Email us to get our sample sponsorship letter for you to tailor to your unique needs.

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To receive email updates from the Network hub nearest you, please visit the hub page.

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Recruit your friends, family, co-workers, church and take lots of pictures to share with your community! Use #MEDAcommunity hashtag and connect with us on social media so we can share the amazing events that are happening in the MEDA community!

Still have questions?

Contact events@meda.org for any questions or assistance you may need.