Monitoring and Impact Measurement

RecordkeepingAt MEDA, measurement matters. We don’t wait until the end of our projects to evaluate success. From the moment a project begins, we gather data to understand whether our interventions are achieving the results we expected, what we can learn, and which approaches need to be refined to help our clients reach their true potential.

MEDA strives for results. We use a results-based management (RBM) approach to collect and manage robust data related to our intended results. From project design to implementation all the way through to wrap-up, we set up feedback loops to learn how each project can best contribute to our clients’ economic empowerment and prosperity.

Sustainability is important to us, and we want to see our clients continue to grow their incomes and operate successful businesses even after we leave. We measure key business performance indicators among past clients three years after our projects close, and use this information to continually improve how we create business solutions to poverty.