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MEDA Risk Capital Fund

Establishing private investment as an effective solution to global poverty and the environment

Throughout most of our history, MEDA has made investments directly into companies in various developing countries. MEDA’s history in investment can be traced back to our founding in 1953 by a group of North American business people who wanted to invest in and support small businesses to encourage economic growth and vibrancy for poor communities.

Our first investment was the Sarona Dairy in Paraguay. Since our initial venture we have watched as our investment has helped the dairy industry flourish in Paraguay.

In the mid-1990s, MEDA began to formalize this work by creating an investment development department and creating structured investment funds, enabling private investors and the broader capital markets to participate in this endeavor. Today, the responsibility for MEDA’s international development investment mandate is shared with its subsidiary – Sarona Asset Management Inc. (SAM).

While MEDA has grown and diversified its work in the intervening years, the investing mandate has continued throughout, expanding to include microfinance banking and medium-sized enterprises. Today, MEDA’s investment activities seek to support a whole range of micro, small and medium-sized businesses.

Flowing from our first success so many years ago, we have since invested in, advised and created many successful ventures throughout the world, many focused entirely in developing world markets.

Some of these include: The Latin America Challenge Investment Fund, MEDA Risk Capital Fund (formerly Sarona Risk Capital Fund), MicroVest Capital Management LLC and MicroVest I LP.