• MEDA Convention 2018

    MEDA Convention 2018

    A weekend of inspiration, networking and fun celebrating the power of entrepreneurship to alleviate poverty!

  • MEDA Convention 2018

    MEDA Convention 2018

    Roads to Enduring Livelihoods

2:30 p.m. - 16. Building Bridges to Inclusion in the Workplace

Friday, November 3 at 2:30 p.m.
Business Issues

Everyone has unique abilities and strengths that they can bring to the workplace. Walt Lawrence is both an advocate and master encourager of people, with his counselling background. Working hard to bring hope to those who are finding it difficult to source meaningful career options, he helps people see that they are a specific piece of the puzzle. Having been injured more than 45 years ago, Walt has seen and heard many stories from those who need a reason to continue to pursue dreams and passions. What is your company doing to find people with unique abilities that can fit within your organization? Once you know you have the right person how do you accommodate their skills so that they can maximize their input to your team? Join Walt as he answers your questions and provides critical knowledge using humour and personal stories.


Walt LawrenceWalt Lawrence was born in Vancouver British Columbia. He has been married for twenty-five years and has two daughters.

Walt was injured in Kelowna at age eighteen in a diving accident forty-six years ago leaving him with a C2/3 Spinal Cord injury.

Walt went on to pursue a career in counselling, achieving a Registered Rehab Professional Degree. He has been working at GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre for the past twenty-five years. He was most recently awarded a Doctorate of Divinity and has dedicated his life to advocating for persons with disabilities working closely with the City of Vancouver and various other boards. For the past eighteen years Walt has been on the board of BC Rehab Foundation and finds it very rewarding.

He said “BC Rehab Foundation is a life changing organization which I am proud to work alongside as it has assisted and enabled many individuals towards maximizing independence”.