• MEDA Convention 2018

    MEDA Convention 2018

    A weekend of inspiration, networking and fun celebrating the power of entrepreneurship to alleviate poverty!

  • MEDA Convention 2018

    MEDA Convention 2018

    Roads to Enduring Livelihoods

10:30 a.m. - 10. Using Christian Business as a Force for Good: Building Local Bridges for Enduring Livelihoods

Friday, November 3 at 10:30 a.m.
Business and Faith

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There is a growing awareness that business activity can address society’s social challenges while being helpful in building a more inclusive economy. Business can create economic and social value simultaneously. Christian business leaders have an important role to play in supporting opportunities that enable poverty alleviation through wealth creation. As people of faith we are called to support opportunities for “the least of these” Mt 25:40. Organizations like MEDA and ASSETS Lancaster offer an avenue for you to support projects across the globe and locally.

What if providing partnerships and support to would-be entrepreneurs, in your community, could enhance your core business strategy? What if we leveraged the power of the private sector to use business as a force for good? What would happen if we built bridges for underrepresented entrepreneurs in our local economies, including them in our supply chains? How would your local economy change for the benefit of all?

Join Tina (ASSETS Lancaster) and JoAnn (Eastern University) to explore how building local bridges for enduring livelihoods will enhance your company’s values and improve your company’s triple bottom-line. Using case examples from ASSETS Lancaster we will demonstrate that a cultural shift is taking place.


Tina CampbellTina Campbell is serving as Interim Co-Director of ASSETS after working for more than two years as Director of Development. Tina has passion for social change through business. She has always had an interest in economic development and microfinance, which is reflected in her various work experiences prior to ASSETS. Tina most recently worked in development and event coordination. Prior to that, she was involved in the lending and financial worlds, working closely with small businesses who sought loans to achieve their dreams. She also helped to open and operate a small kitchen shop. Tina went through the ASSETS training and has been a volunteer with ASSETS in the past. This position connects Tina’s passions and career experiences and she is excited to help advance the ASSETS’ mission and impact in the local community.

JoAnn Flett compressedJoAnn Flett is Director of the MBA in Economic Development at Eastern University and Lead Faculty in the College of Business and Leadership. JoAnn has served as board chair of Capital for Good since 2012. Capital for Good is a non-profit organization that connects wealthy donors to the most effective international non-governmental organizations (NGOs) working in education, health, human liberty and economic empowerment.