• MEDA Convention 2018

    MEDA Convention 2018

    A weekend of inspiration, networking and fun celebrating the power of entrepreneurship to alleviate poverty!

  • MEDA Convention 2018

    MEDA Convention 2018

    Roads to Enduring Livelihoods

9:00 a.m. - 01. Agri-Business Market Development in Ukraine

Friday, November 3 at 9:00 a.m.
MEDA Projects

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Come hear how MEDA is using a variety of market-oriented techniques to promote growth in Ukraine’s horticulture supply chain among 30,000 small and medium farmers.

In Ukraine, small and medium farms produce the majority of the country’s fruit and vegetables, yet remain disconnected from reliable markets and isolated from supply chains. Several barriers prevent these farmers from participating in viable markets. They lack entrepreneurial skills needed to run their business effectively, lack access to suppliers and access to traders who provide linkages to buyers, and lack access to capital to develop or expand their business. These challenges leave them on the margins, selling produce in local and roadside markets at lower prices and with high loss due to waste.

MEDA is strengthening the horticulture value chains between small farmers and small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) in four oblasts: Zaporizhzhia, Kherson, Mykolayiv and Odessa. The Ukraine Horticulture Business Development Project (UHBDP) builds on MEDA’s previous success in our work with farmers in Ukraine. The main goal is to increase incomes of small and medium farmers by…

  • Expanding their access to niche and high-value markets through viable, reciprocal relationships with firms in the supply chain
  • Providing equipment, business training and technical assistance on improved agricultural practices
  • Improving access to finance, allowing farmers and small medium enterprises (SMEs) to invest in business growth
  • Strengthening existing agricultural SMEs, particularly those led by women, to spur market expansion
  • Promoting business alliances/aggregation hubs and developing supply chain logistics to ensure cooperation amongst horticulture SMEs
  • Promote the development of an apprenticeship program for agricultural college students to better prepare them for the workforce.


Nick Ramsing worked as an economic development advisor to Food for the Hungry in East Africa prior to his first stint with MEDA, when he performed as a credit systems specialist in Tanzania and later as a senior microfinance consultant. After more than 10 years as a senior project manager in the information technology industry and a management consultant to U.S. federal civilian agencies (Treasury and Labor), Nick has returned to MEDA to strengthen MEDA's market development methodologies, promote data-driven ICT solutions and leverage agile and lean methods to rapidly prototype market-oriented solutions. Nick also enjoys leveraging a variety of data analytics disciplines to conduct business modeling and to profile market segments in order to understand how market actors might respond to new incentives and market opportunities. Nick manages and implements projects in MEDA's Global division, focusing on Latin America and Eastern Europe, and enjoys leveraging a variety of disciplines to promote viable supply chain relationships between small-holder farmers and lead firms. Nick holds degrees in Economics from University of California, Davis and Boston University.