Pitch Competition

Reimagining Food Systems

MEDA wants to mobilize the next generation of changemakers, social innovators, and entrepreneurs to engage in lasting global impact within agri-food markets.

The 2021 MEDA Pitch Competition is for next generation start-ups running with an impactful agri-food innovation that aligns with MEDA’s values. It is held in the spirit of MEDA’s mission and vision to encourage and foster social-minded innovation.

Why agri-food innovation?

MEDA is a leader in economic development. For over 65 years, we’ve worked to provide business solutions for entrepreneurs experiencing poverty around the globe. Our focus in agri-food market systems is what sets us apart. We have seen the growth of many agri-food solutions in the field and are eager to support new innovative ideas!

Agri-food markets are the totality of actors involved in the production, distribution, and consumption of food, the relations between them, and the regulatory apparatus governing these arrangements.

Have a great idea?
Applications are now open!

We want to hear your ideas! Submit your application for a chance to participate in the MEDA Pitch Competition. MEDAx invites young professionals, social entrepreneurs, and community innovators to pitch their agri-food business ideas to a panel of judges for a chance to win up to $10,000.

1st Place Prize



Win an all-expenses paid trip to MEDA Convention 2022 in Lancaster, PA

Be a judge at MEDA Pitch Competition 2022 in Lancaster, PA

Have your pitch featured in Marketplace Magazine

2nd Place Prize


How It Works



Submit a completed application and business model canvas by September 27th online.



Attend MEDA Convention 2021 virtually. Finalists will be informed by October 4th.



Pitch your idea in five minutes to a full room + a panel of judges for a chance to win up to $10,000!

Our Sponsors

Ron and Barbara Schlegel and their family are committed champions of young professionals and their potential to make a meaningful difference in the world today. Dr. Schlegel has been described as a social entrepreneur, philanthropist and community builder, for which he received the Order of Canada, Officer level. The Schlegel Family have inspired this year’s MEDA Pitch Competition through their vision and generous support. The funds dedicated towards making the MEDA Pitch competition possible were made in honor of former MEDA President, Allen Sauder in a commitment to build upon his work and preserve his legacy throughout generations and for decades to come.

This Competition is administered by Mennonite Economic Development Associates of Canada. Any questions, comments or complaints regarding the Competition should be directed to convention@meda.org.