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Financing your Experience

We want everyone to join us at MEDA Convention 2019 this year. Worried about expenses and taking time off?

A few options to check out:


Apply: MEDA Convention Grants

Apply for a Convention Grant for your chance to be sponsored by MEDA hub members. Each grant is $1,500 to be used towards the cost of travel, accommodations and Convention registration.  Applications will be accepted until October 1, 2019 though early submission is highly encouraged. Open to all young professionals under age 40!

Apply Today!

Explore: School Funding

Contact your school administration to discover student funding opportunities available to you! Many institutions for higher learning offer various funding initiatives for undergraduate students to participate in educational conferences in business, faith, and international development. Application processes are often made available for such co-curricular or curricular experiences. The criteria for these will differ from institution to institution. Funding grants are often housed under the following departments/services:

  • Students’ Union
  • Alumni Association/Alumni Relations
  • Dean of Students/Undergraduate Student Services
  • Faculty Associations

Fundraise, Fundraise, Fundraise!

There are plenty of creative ways to raise funds to attend MEDA Convention! Ensure that you are aware of any school policies around fundraising, hosting events or promoting causes. Once you are familiar with the procedure, try to connect with a campus club or Students Association for support.

Past MEDA participants have come together to fundraise their way to MEDAx. Here are some great ways to fundraise:

  • Leverage crowdfunding platforms
  • Reach out to local businesses, your own network and campus faculty members to see if you can acquire any support, swag, giveaways or incentives. You never know how support may manifest itself!
  • Host a booth to promote your initiative and feature a raffle contest with any prizes you may have acquired
  • Host a bake sale, plant sale, community car wash, yoga class, film screening, bottle drive, or BBQ
  • Engage with creative students/services on your campus who may have neat talents like painting shoes, screen printing, button making, garment repair etc. and inquire if you can leverage their talents at a booth or event
  • Inquire with your campus restaurant/bar (if applicable) about hosting an event/being sponsored

See you at Convention 2019!