Dine Around

Enjoy an evening out with new and familiar MEDA Convention friends at one of Indy's exciting restaurants! 

We've made reservations for 6:30 pm on Friday, November 9, at the restaurants below under the name “MEDA.”

  • Choose from the list below and sign up by noon that day to reserve your spot.
  • Each diner is responsible for his/her own meal costs.
  • All participants are invited to meet in the White River Foyer at 6pm on Friday to travel together to eat!

If you prefer to dine at a restaurant that is not on our list, you may wish to request a reservation through JW Marriott's concierge in the hotel lobby or by phone: 317.860.5800

Click here to sign up for our Dine Around!indy DA

 $ = $10 and under
$$ = $20 and under
$$$ = $30 and under
$$$$ = $40 and under



Restaurant: CharBlue (2 tables of 8 @ 6:30p)
Cuisine: The most unique steakhouse in Indianapolis, coined a "fun/fine" dining experience.  Co-founded by Gary Brackett, former Indianapolis Colts linebacker and founder of the Gary Brackett Impact Foundation, providing assistance to vulnerable populations in the Indy area.  Rated #1 by Open Table Diners in 2018.
Price Range: $$$
Location: 14 E. Washington St.
Phone Number: 317.986.7883
Distance: 11-min. walk; 10-min. taxi ride


Restaurant: Forty-Five Degrees (2 tables of 8 at 6:30p)
Cuisine: Enjoy sushi at one of the most popular eateries in Indy. Named for the odd angle at which Mass Ave meets College Ave, FortyFive Degrees is encased with uniquely angled walls, odd shaped seating areas, and tubular light pendants, all of which add to your unique dining experience.
Price Range: $$$
Location: 765 Massachusetts Ave.
Phone Number: 317.634.4545
Distance: 10-min. taxi ride


Restaurant: Harry and Izzy's (2 tables of 8 @ 6:30p)
Cuisine: A restaurant to get a topnotch steak, where you also can get award-winning burgers, fries, and prime rib. Can't lose!
Price Range: $$$$
Location: 153 S. Illinois St.
Phone Number: 317.635.9594
Distance: 7-min. taxi ride; 11-min. walk


Restaurant: India Garden (2 tables of 8 @ 6:30p)
Cuisine: Take a culinary trip to  Northern India.  Rated the best Indian restaurant in Indy ever year since it's doors opened.
Price Range: $$$ 
Location: 207 N. Delaware St.
Phone Number: 317.253.6060
Distance: 9-min. taxi ride; 20-min. walk


Restaurant: Late Harvest Kitchen (2 tables of 8 @ 6:30p)
Cuisine: Local meets global in this restaurant, which is sourced from Hoosier ingredients with international flavors.
Price Range: $$$
Location: 8605 River Crossing Boulevard       
Phone Number: 317.663.8063
Distance: 25-min. taxi ride


Restaurant: Mesh (2 tables of 8 for 6:30p)
Cuisine: Innovative, contemporary, and casual, Mesh offers American classics with a twist.  Eat, drink, Mesh!
Price Range: $$$
Location: 725 Massachusetts Ave.
Phone Number: 317.955.9600
Distance: 12-min. taxi ride


Restaurant: Nada (2 tables of 8 @ 6:30p)
Cuisine: Kick back at Nada, a taco & beverage joint in downtown Indianapolis. Snag guacamole and salsa to share, and dig in to punched-up tacos and mac n’ cheese. Yes, mac n' cheese!
Price Range: $$$
Location: 11 W. Maryland Street
Phone Number: 317.638.6232
Distance: 5-min. taxi ride, 10-min. walk


Restaurant: Nesso Coastal Italia (2 tables of 8 @ 6:30p)
Cuisine: Nesso Coastal Italia highlights the rich flavors and traditions of Italian cuisine with the lighter aspects of fresh coastal cuisine. Our menu offers a sampling of seafood, locally sourced meats and vegetables, fresh pasta, and other inspirational plates.
Price Range: $$$
Location: 309 S Delaware Street
Phone Number: 317.643.7400
Distance: 5-min. taxi ride; 15 min. walk


Restaurant:Rathskeller (2 tables of 8 @ 6:30p)
Cuisine: Set in the historic, 19th century Athenaeum Building downtown, the Rathskeller is reminiscent of both a quaint inn tucked in the Bavarian hills and a lively beer hall in Munich. From Jäegerschnitzel to Filet Mignon, the award-winning menu features authentic German cuisine as well as steak, seafood, chicken, pork and vegetarian entrees.
Price Range: $$$ 
Location: 401 E. Michigan St.
Phone Number: 317.636.0396
Distance: 7-min. taxi ride 


Restaurant: Salt on Mass (2 tables of 8 @ 6:30p)
Cuisine: Grab some amazing sustainably-sourced seafood in an eatery known as "THE" spot to be in Indy.
Price Range: $$$$
Location: 505 Massachusetts Ave.
Phone Number: 317.638.6565
Distance: 7-min. taxi ride