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We welcome individuals of all ages - students, young professionals, pastors, first-time Convention attendees - to apply to receive a scholarship for an all-expense paid trip to MEDA Convention 2019 in Tucson, Arizona! Please read the following information before completing the application.

Q. Who funds Convention Grants?

A. A large portion of the funding originates from MEDA Network Hubs, located throughout North America. The network hubs are a MEDA staple in communities across the United States and Canada for over 30 years.


Q. What are MEDA Network Hubs?

A. Hubs are ongoing committee-operated affinity groups. Think of hubs as local clubs for anyone and everyone excited about MEDA’s life-changing work. A strong initiative, led by hubs, has been to cover the cost of a person in their community to experience Convention, and hubs work to fundraise within their communities for this purpose. Click here for a list of network hubs.


Q. Can I fundraise if I’m not a member of an active MEDA Hub?

A. We look to supporters not only within hub communities, but around the globe to help make it possible for others to attend convention! 


Q. Do I need to live near an existing network hub to apply for a grant?

A. No. You may still apply for a grant, which will be reviewed by MEDA staff and potentially a hub for consideration.


Q. What do the convention grant funds cover?

A. A convention grant covers the cost of travel, accommodations, and convention registration.


Q. Who is reviewing applications, and what are the criteria they are using to review?

A. Once your application is submitted, it is sent to MEDA staff for an initial review to ascertain the correct hub committee to review it. Ideal candidates will demonstrate through their application their desire to attend MEDA Convention and how this experience can potentially help them - and others. All applications will be considered, though the main 4 categories of applicants looked for are young professionals, students, pastors, and first-timers.


Q. Is there a deadline to apply?

A. The deadline to apply is October 1 though early submission is highly encouraged. Applications will be accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis.


Q. When will I be notified about the outcome of review of my application?

A. Applicants & grant awardees will be notified via e-mail in mid September – October.

Q. How many grants are available?

A.  The number of grants depends on the amount of funds raised by hubs and the General Fund. We expect to have 8-12 grants available in total.

Q. What are the expectations for grant recipients?

A. Following Convention:

  • Submit a brief article (250-300 word) and 5 photos of your experience at Convention (prompts and directions will be provided) and submit to MEDA.

  • Prepare a 15-minute presentation about your experience at Convention (prompts and directions will be provided) to share live at a network hub meeting (either in-person or by Skype).

  • Agree to allow MEDA to share your article and photos on our website and promotional materials.