Dennis Tessier serves as Senior Program Manager, Environment and Climate Change at MEDA. Dennis has been working in the field of poverty and resource management for 15 years. Prior to MEDA his work has focused on developing green energy businesses in East Africa, introducing innovative value chains for PICO solar, micro-grids, biogas, biomass and clean cookstoves. His work in the sector includes advocacy towards improving the regulatory environment for green technology and creating opportunities for women and youth to become green entrepreneurs.

Oak Forests and Olive Trees: Conservation and Sustainable Livelihoods with Jordan Valley Links

olive tree jordanA Roman Olive stands guard over the wild oak in the village of Wadi Al Tawaheen, Kufranjeh in Ajloun, Jordan

Now that we have captured your attention we would like to bring you on a road trip through Northern Jordan. The journey starts in Jordan’s capital, Amman, and brings you through the Jordan Valley and into the Ajloun mountains where you discover the connection between Jordan’s wild oak forest, a biscuit house and a precious 500-year-old Roman Olive grove.

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