E-Voucher Statistics

The MASAVA project is studying e-voucher technology to promote fortified sunflower oil. The project offers a discount on the oil through an e-voucher which utilizes cellphone messaging to deliver targeted discounts to mothers of children under five and other residents of selected Vitamin A deficient communities while jump-starting demand for the new fortified oil from the SMEs.

1L redemptions



Redemptions of the eVoucher for 1 litre bottles of fortified sunflower oil was increasing since product launch up to May 2016. The eVoucher was formally approved in November 2015 and as a result of strong behaviour change communication strategies, marketing of the fortified brands and the benefits of fortified sunflower oil the project has seen increasing sales.




volumes redeemed


In June 2016, the Masava project provided support to the SMEs for expanding the packaging of fortified sunflower oil in not only 1L containers but also volumes of 5, 10 and 20L. This graph represents the total volumes of fortified oil redeemed per litre taking into account the new size of packaging.  The importance of expanding the packaging sizes is to allow for the practice of scooping, where customers purchase very small quantities of oil from retailers, which is most common when purchasing oil in Tanzania.




 containers redeemed 1containers redeemed 2








The above graphs of container redemptions per region represent the number of redemptions in both of the regions in which the Masava project is active. The Shinyanga market is evidently more active in redeeming oil in 1L containers and the SMEs have began production in the 5L packaging size but as of now, not 10 or 20L. Whereas in Manyara the packaging sizes are more diverse with an affinity for 20L packaging sizes. In August, 199 20L containers were redeemed equivalent to 3,980L of oil which is well above the 1, 5 or 10L redemptions.