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Partnerships for impact

Farmerline, the agtech firm, has made a major difference in the lives of farmers in Ghana and around the world.

Greening with less gasoline

If you hear landscaping firms talking about green, it may not be about the grass they are mowing or the money their businesses are making.

World issues a life-long interest for new MEDA senior vice-president

Lindsay Wallace’s career path has included stints with government departments, international development consulting and with the Mastercard Foundation. Those roles have provided her with a wealth of experience in conducting economic research and modeling in the education, agriculture, and financial inclusion sectors.

Passion for the land

Southern Potato Co. is a thriving family operation: The Kuhl family is modest when asked about the size of their potato-growing operation, but there is no question about their devotion to the land and how important farming is to this family.

Cultivating urban yards for profit

Vancouver woman turns love of flowers into blooming enterprise: Rose Dykstra’s flower business grew out of being bugged — quite literally.

Next generation innovation

MEDA’s 2021 Reimagining Food Systems pitch competition saw diverse startups from Canada, the US and Ghana compete for a $10,000 prize to help their agri-food focused firms make a global impact.