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The trouble with low prices

Failing to invest in upkeep is a recipe for future problems. As in most areas of life, looking at our present-day actions in light of how they will affect the future is always wise.

Accountability and Expectations

Shared understandings key to accepted norms, pastor argues. “We bless others when we help them grow and become better versions of themselves. It is an act of love to give people space to figure out what went wrong and how they will do better next time.”

A bike shop with a mission

Pennsylvania’s Bike and Sol teaches youth how to work: Bike and Sol is one of the few places, if not the only, place in the US that “will teach a middle school kid how to work and give them a job reference for their first job.”

Reorganizing for growth

MEDA is restructuring its governance model for greater impact: Proposed changes will better align with best practices in the international development sector and prepare for unprecedented growth opportunities.

Frozen treats for all

For Ajoa Mintah, the road to entrepreneurship started a long way from her eventual destination creating and selling tasty frozen treats. Mintah is founder and CEO of Four All Ice Cream, which has a factory in Kitchener, Ontario, and a retail “scoop shop” in neighboring Waterloo.

In praise of the entrepreneurial spirit

Celebrating entrepreneurship is the focus of MEDA’s 2022 convention. The event will be held November 3-6 at The Lancaster Marriott at Penn Square in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.