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MiCrédito at 20

Veronica Herrara has a grand vision for MiCrédito, the Nicaraguan microfinance institution that MEDA helped launch 20 years ago. She wants to see the organization she leads serving at least one million clients, mostly women. “I see (MiCrédito) all around Central America, including Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, Belize, and Panama,” she said.

MEDA by the numbers 2003-2023

At a Glance, MEDA has impacted 65 Countries with 92 Projects, 90 Consultancies, 27 MEDA Risk Capital Fund investments, and a total of 209 MEDA interventions over the past 20 years.

Board chairs share their memories of serving with MEDA

As MEDA celebrates 70 years of investing in entrepreneurs, The Marketplace magazine asked people who have chaired the organization’s board over the past 20 years to reflect on key moments and inflection points. Here are some of their comments about their time chairing the MEDA board.

#MEDAField2Fork2023 photo contest attracts entries from 19 countries

The #MEDAField2Fork2023 photo contest asked readers to submit photos highlighting the agrifood sector, depicting the production, processing, distribution, or sale of food. Interest in this year’s contest was strong. It attracted submissions from 19 countries on five continents. The winning entries featured provide a glimpse into agriculture in Bangladesh and India.

Taking Sarona Asset Management to the Next Level

When MEDA spun off Sarona Asset Management (SAM) as a private equity firm in 2010, it was a “lonely voice” in the investment industry. Thirteen years later, the company’s values have become more widely accepted.

Building a baobab business

Vision Plus Afrique grew out of Hamady Sow’s desire to create food processing jobs in rural Senegal. The company employs 35 and gets fruit from another 750 women who collect and deliver baobab fruit and grow vegetables from the firm.

Picking a profitable line of farming

Shuh Orchards grows Honey Crisp, Gala, and Ambrosia apples for the wholesale market. It’s the latest venture by Robert and Lisa Shuh, whose farm career has spanned dairy, poultry, cash cropping and a stint running a MEDA sesame project in Nicaragua.

Restoring the Dakin Dairy Farm after Hurricane Ian

Jerry Dakin’s Florida dairy farm suffered a body blow last fall, when Hurricane Ian destroyed his barns and killed hundreds of cows. The Dakin farm is now back on its feet after 100 people helped to restore the operation.