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Investing to boost decent jobs for women and youth

A $200 million US project funded by MasterCard Foundation will create 15,000 decent jobs in sub-Saharan Africa over the next five years. New Mauritius Foundation represents evolution, is part of MEDA’s growth.

Pointing the way

Encouragement from a friend and a visit from a leading politician has taken the Tanzanian entrepreneur on a seven-year business journey. That journey is improving the lives of many of her fellow citizens.

A new mindset on Africa

“We have to recognize Africa’s place in the global food system,” the Nigerian entrepreneur, author, public speaker, philanthropist, and consultant Ndidi Okonkwo Nwuneli said in a speech at MEDA’s annual convention in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Hiring the best people for the job

A Manitoba manufacturer has successfully tackled a labor shortage by paying greater attention to an overlooked talent pool — women. Vidir vertical storage solutions plants are located outside of major urban centers. That means it has a smaller available workforce, Carissa Rempel said in a presentation at MEDA’s annual convention.

Turmoil roils global food system

A “triple gut punch” of war, the Covid pandemic, and climate change have massively increased extreme poverty in sub-Saharan Africa, a spokesman for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation says.

Pitch contest awards $10,000 to two innovative Tanzanian firms

Two Tanzanian agribusinesses have won $10,000 in the 2022 MEDA pitch competition. Diana Orembe from NovFeed & Jolenta Joseph from Sanavita tied for first place in the annual competition. The event was held at MEDA’s convention in Lancaster, Pennsylvania on November 5.

#MEDAField2Fork 2022 contest winners

The #MEDAField2Fork2022 photo contest asked readers to submit pictures highlighting the agrifood sector, depicting the production, processing, distribution, or sale of food. The winning entries featured on the cover of this issue and in this article provide a glimpse into agriculture in Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, India, and Uganda.

Growing good grain

Wheat has been one of the world’s most important food staples for thousands of years. But erosion on frequently tilled land is a serious problem in several areas of the world. Wind and water have ravaged and degraded formerly fertile fields.

The trouble with low prices

Failing to invest in upkeep is a recipe for future problems. As in most areas of life, looking at our present-day actions in light of how they will affect the future is always wise.