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Creating juice and jobs in rural Senegal

Life partners Tina Ephraim and Moulaye Biaye have a mission: to create food processing jobs in rural Senegal. “We felt a moral imperative to return (to Africa) and contribute to the boosting of the economy.”

Seeing the value of partnerships first-hand

German supporters reflect on the value of partnerships after seeing MEDA’s AVENIR Senegal project first-hand. “Those entrepreneurs that we saw here, they knew exactly what they want. The biggest problem for them is access to capital.”

Sharon Idahosa Portrait

Towards a more inclusive farming system in Nigeria

Sharon Idahosa’s passion to see small-scale farmers succeed is expressed through business and educational ventures. Her entrepreneurial journey began when she sought ways to help combat starvation issues in Nigeria during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Growing in Ghana

MEDA’s GROW2 project is negotiating with Dunyiya to provide business development services and a matching grant award of $100,000 Canadian. Dunyiya would use that money to expand its business by setting up a shelling center close to GROW2 project clients to create jobs for women entrepreneurs.

Investing for job creation

MEDA Risk Capital Fund aims to support the organization’s programs and strategic goals Some MEDA supporters are surprised to learn

Fanning the Embers

Ashley Bontrager Lehman has a passion for her family business. When she and several other industry veterans were creating and naming a new recreational vehicle for a new recreational vehicle (RV) manufacturer, they were going to call it Element RV, with her being the fire. They ended up establishing Ember RV. And yes, she’s providing the spark to make this company successful.

Sometimes, it is time to sell the business

Sometimes, the sale of a family-controlled business is better than trying to pass it on to a third generation of family management. Especially when the interests of 40 shareholders from multiple generations of several families have to be considered, Bob Mullet says.

Successful business succession can take many forms

Lance Woodbury, a Kansas native and son of a Presbyterian minister, has done mediation and succession consulting with family businesses across the US for almost three decades. He has authored two books on family businesses and writes a weekly e-mail newsletter entitled Faith & Family Business.