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Building a baobab business

Vision Plus Afrique grew out of Hamady Sow’s desire to create food processing jobs in rural Senegal. The company employs 35 and gets fruit from another 750 women who collect and deliver baobab fruit and grow vegetables from the firm.

Picking a profitable line of farming

Shuh Orchards grows Honey Crisp, Gala, and Ambrosia apples for the wholesale market. It’s the latest venture by Robert and Lisa Shuh, whose farm career has spanned dairy, poultry, cash cropping and a stint running a MEDA sesame project in Nicaragua.

Restoring the Dakin Dairy Farm after Hurricane Ian

Jerry Dakin’s Florida dairy farm suffered a body blow last fall, when Hurricane Ian destroyed his barns and killed hundreds of cows. The Dakin farm is now back on its feet after 100 people helped to restore the operation.

Creating juice and jobs in rural Senegal

Life partners Tina Ephraim and Moulaye Biaye have a mission: to create food processing jobs in rural Senegal. “We felt a moral imperative to return (to Africa) and contribute to the boosting of the economy.”

Seeing the value of partnerships first-hand

German supporters reflect on the value of partnerships after seeing MEDA’s AVENIR Senegal project first-hand. “Those entrepreneurs that we saw here, they knew exactly what they want. The biggest problem for them is access to capital.”

Sharon Idahosa Portrait

Towards a more inclusive farming system in Nigeria

Sharon Idahosa’s passion to see small-scale farmers succeed is expressed through business and educational ventures. Her entrepreneurial journey began when she sought ways to help combat starvation issues in Nigeria during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Growing in Ghana

MEDA’s GROW2 project is negotiating with Dunyiya to provide business development services and a matching grant award of $100,000 Canadian. Dunyiya would use that money to expand its business by setting up a shelling center close to GROW2 project clients to create jobs for women entrepreneurs.