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Empowering Guatemalan Women

Guatemala has extremely limited opportunities for women and one of the region’s biggest gender gaps, Maria Pacheco says. But Pacheco, the co-founder and CEO of Wakami, a 20-year-old social enterprise, sees great promise for the future. “We have learned that with women, you change everything. When women are empowered, the right men come to the system.”

Farmers talking about changing weather

MEDA’s Zakaria Issahaku tours Ryan Martin’s Elmira dairy farm and the two men discuss how changing weather affects agriculture in their respective countries.

For safer milk in East Africa

University students form Safi, a company that has developed to low-cost pasteurization system to make the process affordable for small-scale farmers in East Africa

Fifty-one years ago: MEDA applies to become a non-profit organization

As part of celebrating MEDA’s 70 years of investing in entrepreneurs, The Marketplace magazine looks back at significant events in the organization’s history. Fifty-one years ago, MEDA’s board decided that seeking non-profit status in the US would help to further MEDA’s mission of creating business solutions to poverty.

A new branch of the family business

Opportunities grow as a business passes from generation to generation. But challenges arise as well. Few people know this dynamic as well as Nate Clemmer. Five generations of his family worked at their Souderton PA mill, Nate followed his father into new enterprises.

What Each of Us Wants

What difference did it make? Former MEDA president Ben Sprunger reflects on his visit with a former client and the impact the organization’s work had on her life.

Making the links

Lydia Madintin Konlan’s parents never received any assistance in how to better farm their small plot in northern Ghana. Through Farmicle, Konlan is working to empower women farmers.