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Building entrepreneurial potential in Kenya, Rwanda

Second Chance Success, a pilot project in Kenya and Rwanda, has worked to understand and help address factors that prevent women entrepreneurs from receiving the funding they need to grow their businesses.

The adventure of building design

Vancouver engineer Paul Fast’s career has been marked by risk-taking, innovation and international recognition. He also discusses making business decisions guided by faith.

Unleashing the potential of women farmers in Ghana

MEDA staffer Jennifer Denomye recently visited Ghana to work with MEDA’s Ghana team. In a recent presentation to the Waterloo-based Women-Empowering-Women (WEW) group, she reflected on the impact of MEDA’s efforts to date in Ghana, and the goals of a new project.

Towards a greener future in Nigeria

MEDA’s WAY project, which began in 2018, has taken a leadership role in response to environmental challenges facing farmers in Bauchi state. The WAY team has played an active role in the creation of a climate collaboration strategy.

Partnerships for impact

Farmerline, the agtech firm, has made a major difference in the lives of farmers in Ghana and around the world.

Greening with less gasoline

If you hear landscaping firms talking about green, it may not be about the grass they are mowing or the money their businesses are making.