Designer and artist friend honored

Ray Dirks, a Winnipeg artist and gallery curator who has designed these pages for more than 32 years, was recently honored, along with a long-time colleague, by Manitoba’s Lieutenant Governor for advancing interreligious understanding.

Dirks and fellow artist Manju Lodha received the award in a Jan. 10 ceremony at Lieutenant Governor Janice Filmon’s official residence.

Lodha is an Indo-Canadian, Hindu artist and community activist. She has been a tireless advocate for understanding, respect and acceptance between all cultural and faith communities in Canada for many years. She and Dirks have worked together on various projects and exhibitions in Canada since 2006, resulting in a book, two DVD documentaries and workshops for thousands of Manitoba students. Another book is in the works. It will celebrate our increasingly multicultural, multi-faith society at a personal, intimate level. It, as their previous In the Spirit of Humanity book and DVD, will be distributed by Manitoba Education to schools throughout the province. Ray and Manju have also exhibited together in Manju’s hometown, Jaipur, India.

The two friends agreed “it is bet- ter and more meaningful for both of us to receive this award together than as individuals.”

As printed in The Marketplace – Jan/Feb 2018


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