Cash, or skin chip?

Microchips have become a common way for vets to help animal shelters identify Fido or Fluffie’s owners should the furry friends go missing.

How about a microchip for employees so they don’t need to bring cash for the vending machine, carry a pass to enter a building or remember log in codes for computers?

Three Square Market, a Wisconsin technology company, put microchips under the skin of 40 workers who volunteered to have the procedure, USA Today reports. The chips do not have GPS-like abilities to track employees, but is an effort to increase convenience and move to cashless payments, the company says.

Religion professors interviewed by the newspaper said getting a microchip in the arm does not fulfil the Book of Revelations’ warnings about “the mark of the beast” prophecy.

But concerns over that very question led to a $500,000 court award to a West Virginia coal miner who quit his job when his employer wouldn’t honor his religious objection to using the firm’s biometric hand scanner. That device tracked hours worked by linking a number to an image of a worker’s hand. ◆

As printed in The Marketplace – Jan-Feb 2018


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