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Sidebar to Sam's Place article. From the March 2019 issue of The Marketplace magazine

By John Longhurst

We handle it every day, so we never think about how challenging our colorful money looks to non-Canadians.
Arshdeep Kaur knows.
The 23-year-old immigrated to Canada from India last summer with plans to attend college in fall.

Serving coffee at SamServing coffee at Sam's has helped Arshdeep Kaur learn about Canada, and instilled a desire to start her own business
Since she had time before classes started, she decided to volunteer — it would be a way, she thought, to learn more about Canada, network and make new friends.
Sam’s Place turned out to be a perfect fit.
“I had never had a cappuccino before,” she says. “I don’t even drink coffee.”
But now she is skilled at the counter, making drinks for customers, as well as working in the kitchen.
As a bonus, working the till means she quickly learned about Canadian currency.
“I’m learning more about life in Canada, about Canadians, improving my people skills,” she says. “Now I understand Canadians better, I know what to say, what not to say.”
She did so well as a volunteer that Sam’s Place hired her for several shifts a week, as well as during holidays.
“The ambience is so homey,” she says, adding her goal is to open her own business in Canada.
“For me, this has been a good place to start, to get experience.”
But she doesn’t expect to ever drink coffee.
“That’s a Canadian thing.” ◆