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A pandemic inspired pivot

The business challenges caused by pandemic lockdowns have been more than enough to cause people to go bananas. In Hadija Jabiri’s case, a focus on the sweet yellow fruit has provided a viable alternative to closing a Tanzanian business.


Staff hire led to creation of long-time Winnipeg hub

One of MEDA’s longest-standing hubs came about in part due to a new employee’s desire to move home, and his personal connections with prominent Mennonite businesspeople. Neil Janzen was a high school teacher before serving two terms with Mennonite Central Committee (MCC). During the latter term, he became interested in international development management and subsequently completed a Master of Business Administration degree at the University of Western Ontario.


Showing Love to our lesser-paid neighbors

There is a divide between hourly workers and business owners. They may interact in a work setting, but often there is no natural social interaction between these two groups. I reflected on this gap as I was sitting in church one day and looked down the row. I saw Zach and Dave sitting next to each other. It struck me that there are very few places in our society where these two men, a welder and a CEO, are together in community.


Wisdom-Based Business: Participating in the Kingdom

Perhaps you picture your work in the marketplace as funding the kingdom. Kind of like Paul’s tentmaking — it’s there on the side to fuel the real kingdom work. I used to think that way, too. But after many years of researching, teaching, and leading in the marketplace, I have become convinced that many are called to the marketplace not only to fund the work of the kingdom, but to further the kingdom in wise, innovative ways. 


Three Prayers for businesspeople

At the first meeting of The Upper Deck Company in March of 1988, President Paul Sumner invited the other five men in the room to join him in prayer:
“Dear God,” Sumner began. “Here we are, the group of us, creating a new corporation. The Upper Deck Company — it’s like having a little baby, so fresh and young and tender.

Dorothy Nyambi

Creating North-South balance

MEDA aims to involve the Global South by empowering local partners and clients Balancing the current North-South power imbalance is a key principle that guides MEDA’s new strategic plan. This

Keshawna in Java Bar

Launching Fresno area businesses

Fresno Pacific Biblical Seminary program helps Central California entrepreneurs get started Keshawna Nelson photo by Jocelyn Marquez Keshawna Nelson wants to brew coffee and serve a caffeinated jolt to Fresno’s

Laurie Nafziger

Managing through crisis

Four Mennonite business leaders reflect on being at the helm during tough times By J.B. Miller Laurie Nafziger had been president and CEO of Oaklawn Psychiatric Center in Goshen, Indiana


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