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The Evolution of MEDA’s Risk Capital Fund from MEDA on Vimeo.

MEDA Convention 2019 - Seminar - November 1, 2019

Jerry Quigley, Senior Vice President of Programs, MEDA
Katie Turner, Senior Director of Global Programs, MEDA
Gerald Morrison, Chief Financial Officer, MEDA

Beginning with MEDA’s investment in the Sarona Dairy in Paraguay in 1953, MEDA has become a recognized global leader in impact investing, blended finance and market-based programs that assist millions of people around the world to realize their economic and social aspirations.

The MEDA Risk Capital Fund (MRCF), a pool of investment assets owned by MEDA, is foundational to furthering our mission. Join us as we review how the MRCF has allowed us to leverage public and private investment funds as well as our vision for the future, including the development of an innovative gender lens investing fund.